About Our Product

Wood Savers has been treating decks and fences, siding and roofs for 25 years in the Wichita and surrounding areas. During this time, several retail and commercial products have been used and tested for its performance. After much research, we feel we have found the most innovative product ever developed for exterior wood. Unlike paints, stains or water sealers, our product is a complete system which deals with all concerns of long term protection for old weathered wood, new wood or pressure treated wood.

Why is our product so revolutionary?Treated Deck

  1. Water activated resins. The primary resin is the latest in micro-emulsion technology, creating a protective film unsurpassed in strength and longevity against sun damage and water intrusion, reviving and prolonging the natural beauty of your wood.
  2. Three high quality UV inhibitors preventing breakdown from ultra-violet rays, free radicals and oxidation.
  3. The newest long term water sealer available, sealing against water absorption from rain and snow.
  4. A film protecting mildicide controlling a wider range of fungus and moss growth, mildew or wood rot.
  5. A scuff resistant additive to protect against foot traffic and sliding deck furniture.
  6. Environmentally safe with no unpleasant odors.
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