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Wood Information

In recent history, wood was abundant & cost-effective. Replacing worn-out exterior wood structures was uncomplicated & economical. However, due to diminishing forests, wood has become a precious resource, causing annual increases in deck & fence construction costs. Modern wood, sourced from young stock, lacks the longevity of the past. Redwood & cedar, once naturally resilient due to tannin resin, have lost this trait. Present-day wood from young growth timber possesses fewer natural protective elements. To safeguard our investments from weather-induced wear, preservation is imperative in light of these changes.


Causes of wood deterioration:

Ultraviolet light - Like skin exposure, ultraviolet light is a potent natural force. The transition from vibrant oak, redwood, or cedar hues to muted gray occurs due to the breakdown of lignin, the bonding agent for wood cells.

Water Infiltration - Rain, snowmelt, and morning dew, coupled with solar exposure, induce wood expansion & contraction. These moisture-induced variations prompt cracking, splitting, and, ultimately, wood decay.

Fungi Growth - As wood's natural protections deplete, fungal infestations can swiftly develop, causing softening, cracking, & potential wood rot if not adequately treated.


Prior to treatment, newly acquired wood should undergo a drying or curing process to attain an optimal moisture level, facilitating effective penetration of the preservative or sealant for enhanced protection. We advise a waiting period of 4-7 weeks after construction for redwood & cedar. Pressure-treated wood, inclusive of CCA treated lumber, is infused with chemicals to counteract decay, rot, & termite intrusion. For this variant, we advocate the application of a water seal shortly after construction to forestall moisture-related harm, with an interval of approximately 6 months recommended before implementing a comprehensive preservative treatment.

About Our Product

An exhaustive evaluation of various retail & commercial products have been undertaken to assess their performance. Following meticulous research, we are confident in our identification of the most efficacious products engineered for exterior wood application. These products comprise a comprehensive system that adeptly addresses all facets of long-term protection for diverse types of wood—ranging from aged & weathered wood to newly acquired wood & pressure-treated variants.


Our selection encompasses a diverse spectrum of hues, encompassing wood tones, semi-transparent, semi-solid, & solid stains. Collaboratively, we engage with our esteemed clientele to enhance the architectural essence of their residences. Our consultative approach aids in the curation of the ideal stain category and color palette, bespoke to each client's discerning preferences. We possess the capacity to deliver any desired color, catering to the unique visions of our valued customers.

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