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Wood Savers repairs, cleans, seals, & stains exterior wood decks, fences, cedar siding, & log cabin homes. Learn more about our process below.
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We offer a free, no-obligation evaluation of your deck, fence, gazebo, playground set, siding, roof, or other exterior wood surface & offer a written plan & estimate for services. Customers that sign up with Wood Savers will receive discounts on all future treatments.

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Our team will check the wood surface for extruding nails or deterioration & then replace rotting boards & make all necessary repairs.  All wood surfaces will be thoroughly cleaned & any previous stains or coatings will be removed before the application of any stain or sealer. If necessary, a wood cleaner or brightener will be applied to safely remove mold & mildew, fungus, dirt, & UV damage. The wood surface is then thoroughly washed with a power washer to eliminate surface debris, wood pulp, sealers, & weathered stains. This process will restore your wood back to its natural color. After 24 hours of drying time, the wood is then ready for the preservation process.


All exterior wood, whether newly constructed or restored, should be covered with the appropriate wood preservative, which can be learned about here. First, areas surrounding the wood such as plants, siding, down spouts, or concrete will be masked & covered for protection. Surfaces are then swept & cleaned of any leftover debris. Finally, two to three layers of stain & sealer are applied to the wood surface using an air-less sprayer for uniform coverage.

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